Actor,director, choreographer

Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the Art.

-Constantin Stanislavski

The actor

Robert has directed such shows as The Tempest, Coyote On a Fence, Bent, Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me,Romeo and Juliet, and The Illusion.  He strives to create a picturesque art-form with which the audience can truly connect.

Robert has also directed several new media projects: The hit webseries WE ARE STARS, and CHECK'd OUT.

Robert’s own sense of movement based work, based off of Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints, Tadashi Suzuki’s Method, and organic exploration make his directing style very unique. 


Robert, a Colorado native, has performed across the nation in multiple Regional Theaters.  He was fortunate to graduate from the University of Florida, where he had a Full-Tuition Graduate Teaching Assistantship.  He previously had recieved his B.A. in Theatre from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  

A New York City resident, Robert has changed his focus towards film and television.  He has starred in WE ARE STARS, a New York webseries with over 15,000 followers.  He also has costarred in CHECK'd OUT, a series that follows a quirky hotel staff.  He has done commercial work for BMW, Budweiser, and Nike.  

Robert is also very active within the Society of American Fight Directors, and has attended the National Stage Combat Workshop, include being on staff the summer 2007.  He is an Advanced Actor Combatant, being certified in all eight weapons recognized by the society:  Broadsword, Sword & Shield, Rapier & Dagger, Quarterstaff, Single Sword, Small Sword, Knife, and Unarmed.